100% Ska Ep S04E05 – Georgetown Orbits Interview and more West Coast Ska

Tonight! We feature an interview with Orion and Cale from The Georgetown Orbits and follow that through with a selection of GO songs then round it all out with a spotlight on west coast ska past and present, including a mini-review of the new Spy Kids album, Covert Action from Jump Up Records!

If you like what you hear from The Georgetown Orbits, please check out the following sites where you can learn more about the band, follow them for more updates, and listen to / buy some of their music!

The Georgetown Orbits Website
The Georgetown Orbits on Facebook
The Georgetown Orbits on Bandcamp

Grab the new Spy Kids album on Jump Up Records!

Full Playlist:

Spy Kids – Covert Action

Ocean 11 – Spring in Rome

Western Standard Time – Tunnel Vision

The Donkey Show – Insomnia

The Impalers – Mojo Hannah

The Georgetown Orbits – Stay Strong

The Georgetown Orbits – My Baby’s Okay

The Georgetown Orbits – Jungle Happiness

The Seattleites – Ska-La-Mode

The Boxboys – American Masquerade

Buck O Nine – Voice in My Head

Let’s Go Bowling – Hare Tonic

The Untouchables – Mandingo

Unsteady – Tokyo