100% Ska Podcast S04E06 – French Ska Then and Now plus more International Bands

This episode focuses on some of the great international ska bands – with an emphasis on France – that you need to hear (mostly for better, some for worse) from the past and some new releases as well to bring us into 2021!

From France to Canada, the UK to Germany, Switzerland to Italy, and then down to Australia, we’re going to keep your toes a tapping! Tonight’s episode specifically plays a tracks from the new Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation album “Trouble” (available in the US via Jump Up Records) and the new single from The Porkers “Big Baby Man” available via their Bandcamp page.

Plus on Saturday 2/20, join me for a live DJ stream on Twitch starting at 9pm EST – details on the Facebook event page!

Full Playlist:

Skunks – Solenzara

Vodska – L’Espion Qui Venait du Ska

Rascal Poupon – Exotisme

Tara – Here I am

Chico – Fakin’ It

Two Tone Club – Exodus 14:21

Jah on Slide – Wake up Rude Boy

The Berbiseyans – Djinns

Les Frelons – Les Politiciens

The Villains – Life of Crime

The B-Sides – She’s a Raver

The GTs – Boys Have Feelings Too

The Mobsters – Steppin’ Out

Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation – Shut Up

The Dead 60s – Ghostfaced Killer

Godzilla – Yes I’m Rocking

Nine Ton Peanut Smugglers – Hugh Mingus

The Porkers – Big Baby Man