100% Ska Podcast S04E21 – Summertime is Back in Town, Time to Get Your Scooter Out

This week we celebrate the return of the official summertime (at least for the northern hemisphere), celebrate the 30th anniversary of Let’s Go Bowling’s debut album “Music to Bowl By”, crank up some great tunes released by Jump Up Records, and of course take a trip deep into the 80s Euro catalog!

We also listen to two standout tracks from Hugo Skavez and Dunia & Aram, available now on Bandcamp! Bandcamp is holding their second annual Juneteenth fundraiser today, June 18th, and donating all their sale proceeds to the NAACP!

We also bring back – finally! – the concert calendar! Find out what shows are coming up in the NYC area.

Need more inspiration for Bandcamp today? Listen to episodes S4E16 and S4E20!

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Full Playlist:

Hugo Skavez – The Skammunist Menifesto

The Busters – Summertime

The Talks – Modern Sub-Urban Life

Moon Invaders – Pick Up the Pieces

Sammy Kay and the East Los 3 – Heart So True

Let’s Bo Bowling – Rude 69

Jump with Joey – El Diablo Ska

Tom Collins and the Cocktail Shakers – Animated Violence

The Eclectics – [harry]

The Crombies – It’s Not You

The Fundamentals – La Frita

2 Tone Lizard Kings – Dance of the Tarantula

Brixton Sounds – Skachondo

Babylon Fighters – Fuck You

The Members – Clean Men

Urban Heroes –  Johnny Runaway

Arthur Kay and the Originals – Ska-Wars

Dunia & Aram – Strange Fruit