100% Ska Podcast S04E23 – Back Around the World with S-K-A

100% Ska Podcast S04E23

Tonight! We’re back to an all music-focused episode and we are heading around the world to hear some great bands from France, Germany, Japan, Northern Ireland, the good ol’ USA, and more!

Additionally, we start to look at the ska bands playing the festivals on what could be a historic moment, as the weekend of September 17th has Riot Fest is Chicago, The So-Cal Hoedown in Los Angeles, and of course The Supernova International Ska Fest in Virginia

We also hear a track from the just released 40th Anniversary edition of Rico Rodriguez’ Jama Rock album!

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Full Playlist:

The Siren Six! – Kill Your Idol (album available via Jump Start Records)

Rico Rodriguez – Love and Justice

Downbeat Snapper – My Woman

Skarface – All Systems Fail

Benkei – Saturday Nite

Less Kro – Reisen

Die Tornadoes – Heidi

Leo and the Lineup – Copenhagen City Reggae

The Insteps – The Heat

Fishbone – Bonin’ in the Boneyard

The Untouchables – Lonely Bull

Hepcat – Relation

Rancid – Crane Fist

The Upsessions – Cool Time Ska

The Pressure – Love Me Forever

The Aggressors – 29 Years

The Snails – Paulo Freire Ska

The Gravelites – Alpha Boys (album available on Bandcamp)