100% Ska Podcast S04E24 – 90s Ska CD-Only Release Spectacular Episode

Tonight! We travel back in time the hedonistic days of 90s ska, as we celebrate some of the great bands of the era that had CD-only releases of their material! Your DJ Ryan Midnight must have gone mad from the heat!

We take a listen to releases and highlight the behemoth that was Moon Ska Records, examine a cross section of styles from neo-traditional to ska-punk, and dive into the phenomena that was the ska compilation, or the skampilation if you are pun-inclined.

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(…and don’t worry, we’ll be returning to the all-vinyl format again next week!)

Full Playlist:

Warsaw – Tap Nasty

The Pietasters – Must Catch a Train (Live)

Mento Buru – Move it Girl

Highball Holiday – Why

The Bluebeats – Esmerelda

The Smooths – Get By

Skankin’ Pickle – The Hussein Skank

My Superhero – So Wrong

The Skeletones – She Just Wants To

Regatta 69 – Addicted to Coffee

Perfect Thyroid – Marella

Judge Roughneck – Hot

King Apparatus – Strong Physical Urge

Ocean 11 – Stop That Train

The Dynamics – Geronimo

Bim Skala Bim – Legalization

JFK and the Conspirators – Partners in Crime

Skavoovie and the Epitones – Riversion (Riverboat Dub)