100% Ska Podcast S04E27 – Bandcamp Friday, New Releases, and 80s NYC Ska

Tonight on 100% Ska, we highlight some of great music you should be aware of for Bandcamp Friday, August 8th, with all 100% of sales going direct to the bands!

We also take a look at some of the new releases coming out, including an anthology from Punch the Clown (order direct from the band!), and split 7″ from Bad Time Records and Parking Lot Records.

Finally, we hop in the DeLorean for some fantastic slices of 80s ska direct from NYC!

Need more Bandcamp recommendations? Check out recent episodes S4E16 and S4E20 for some great bands that deserve your attention!

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Full Playlist:

Punch the Clown – Leaving

The Bakesys – Get Your Moon Boots On (Ska mix) (on Bandcamp)

Rocky Sullivan, Phys.D – I Can’t Decide (on Bandcamp)

The Moochers – Turn Your Lamp Down Low (on Bandcamp)

Perkie & The Co-operators – (Mumma was a) Bankrobber (on Bandcamp)

Less Than Jake – Need Some Shaking (order on Bad Time Records)

The Rough Kutz – Friday Night

The Redemption – Starting Over (order on Specimen)

Dutch Ska Express – Babylon Hooligans

The Mighty Fishers – Dancing Mood

Yellow Umbrella – False Prophets

The Brooklyn Attractors – Distraction

The Skanads – Rude Boy’s on the Rise

Not Bob Marley – No Respect

Urban Blight – Escape from Reality

Beat Brigade – Try and Try Again

The Boilers – Gangibus Gorilla

Black Market – Star Trek TNG Theme (Dub Remix) (on Bandcamp)